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The who, what and why of event planning

Making of the MECC

With the expedient progress that has been made on the construction of the new Miners Event and Convention Center (MECC) in Virginia, one might find it hard to believe the beginnings of the new facility started more than 15 years ago.  In the early 2000s, it became clear that the […]

Arrowhead Printing: Putting it on Paper

Eighty-seven years ago the founders of Arrowhead Printing created a birth announcement in their basement and started what would grow to become one of the region’s largest privately-held commercial printers.  Arrowhead Printing is the only women-owned union shop in the Midwest, with Sarah Erickson and her husband Dan at the […]

Company Party Comeback

Sounds Unlimited is pulling for a company party comeback Sounds Unlimited has been entertaining the Northland for over 30 years, and while you may know them from the most fun wedding reception you’ve ever attended, you may not know that DJing is just one of several services they offer. Business […]

Luxury in the Loo with Aardvark Portable Rentals

Aardvark Septic Pumping & Portable Rentals Every event planner knows there are the exciting elements to plan and there are the necessary ones, like insurance, safety, and quite possibly the least glamorous, but most important – the bathrooms. Aardvark Septic Pumping and Portable Rentals, in Cloquet, is adding a little […]

Staging Your Event

ELEVATING YOUR ENTERTAINMENT You have a date selected, a location and have typically made a substantial investment for your entertainment. You are ready to host a great event, but there is still one big detail remaining, a stage. Too often we see a flatbed trailer (usually narrow and too high […]

Group Friendly Restaurants

Dining Out in a Big Group There are a lot of reasons you show up at a restaurant with a larger than average size group. Perhaps your family is visiting and rather than spending time working on a meal while missing out on the fun, you decide it’ll be better […]

Mesmerize with a Magician

Who doesn’t love magic? Local magician, ventriloquist, and escape artist Kelvin Saline has been amusing and delighting crowds for 44 years. As an 8 year old Cub Scout, Kelvin was introduced to magic when his mother, the den leader, made a coin disappear using Kelvin as her “secret accomplice.” He […]