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About Us

Going back to my first production in high school, I’ve always been an organizer and putting on events.  Over time, you accumulate a wealth of information that can come in pretty handy for people taking a whack at it for the first time.

As you can imagine, being a person that has made his living in the event industry, I have been involved in creating and producing events of all types.   I’ve produced festivals for tens of thousands of people, promoted concerts, theater productions, fundraisers for charitable organizations, and about any kind of event you can imagine in between. As a parent, I’ve hosted grad parties, a wedding, numerous birthday parties, and any other kind of special event a family has. There is at least one thing that all events have in common, details.  Overlooking details can become a disaster when you are planning an event, so it’s extremely important to be organized and create checklists.

Organization is key to producing any event, but always keeps in mind regardless of how organized you are, you have to be flexible and ready to deal with the unexpected. Make the assumption that everything will go wrong and plan for the worst case scenario, particularly if you are doing an outdoor event. The weather, typically, is not our friend when it comes to the unexpected!

In this publication you’ll find tips and help on everything from insurance to planning for weather to budgets and other planning matters. There are things behind the scenes that sometimes aren’t even noticed by attendees but if you forget to do them…..disaster, or at the very least, problems.

This publication, and its accompanying web site, is intended to help you with many of the details and organization matters for putting on an event. No two events are the same so having a little help and a lot of resources will make things much easier. Over the years, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “how did you do that?” or “where do you get that?” EventPro will try to answer those questions for you and make your planning process a little less stressful.


Tracy Lundeen