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Before the “I Do’s”

A wedding planner can calm the chaos of putting together your wedding
Kynze Lundeen, Duluth Wedding Company

Wedding planning is always a blast, but when you get to do it for two people that have been a big part of your life, it’s even better. On July 8th, 2017, I was working at our offices preparing a big event Bayfront when I received a text message from my friend Bradon, who I call Brady, asking questions about wedding rings. At the time Brady was dating one of my best friends and roommates so naturally, I was SO EXCITED! Later that week Brady texted asking if he could propose to Hailey at our Duluth Wedding Show. I was shocked! How cool would that be? It also happened to be the 30th anniversary of the Wedding Show and I was looking for something unique to do. Hailey had always wanted to model in the Duluth Wedding Show so I thought, what more of a perfect opportunity is this? Working with Brady and our friend, Nick, we figured it would be best to have this happen on the Fashion Show stage. There was already a photographer there, Alan Johnson, and a videographer so it was absolutely perfect! I ended up asking Hailey if she could model and then “begged” Brady to do it too using the excuse that I was “short” on male models.

Long story short, Brady proposed to Hailey on the fashion show stage and the planning began.

As a promoter of the Duluth Wedding Show and planner for the Duluth Wedding Company, I was already pretty well versed on the different options for the dream wedding Hailey & Brady have always wanted. There are so many options in Duluth but luckily for us, Hailey was also able to run around the wedding show before she modeled later on in the day, already knowing what she wanted when Brady was to ask her.

The wedding ended up taking place in her childhood home in Pequayam Lakes area. Hailey loves glam so I teamed up with Wedding & Events Designs by Monica Halligan, one of our show decorators, and we did our magic to make Hailey’s vision a reality. The ladies from Ulta, that did Hailey’s hair for the fashion show, also did her hair for her wedding, it was so special! The DJ at the fashion show, Sounds Unlimited, also was the DJ for her wedding. All of the vendors that were there for the fashion show were also there to help them have the perfect wedding! They were all there from the very beginning and we couldn’t have been more thankful for their work!

With Hailey & Brady living in Oklahoma, Hailey being a flight attendant and Brady having a demanding job it was a challenge finalizing details but with the help of family, friends and our show vendors it worked out beautifully.