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Adding Flavor to your Event

Move over all night desserts, weddings are getting cheesy! A new trend for 2020 expands on the nibbles all-night idea – but offering savory instead of or along with something sweet. Picture a massive charcuterie board with cheese, crackers, nuts, and fruit, a keto eaters dream and not a bad idea if the bar is being heavily frequented by your guests.

Edible flowers will remain popular through 2020 as well, consider adding them to salads, freezing them in ice cubes or sprinkling them on desserts.

Couples are also considering their guests more in menu planning in hopes of being more inclusive for those who are vegan, keto, or have allergies. At the bar, couples are looking to expand offerings for those looking for a fun non-alcoholic drink. Other trends when it comes to beverages are having a wall-mounted drink dispenser, specialty garnishes, or a bar of pour-over drinks. Interactive dining is hitting reception venues as well with conveyor belt appetizers and fusion cuisine like Mexican ravioli or pastrami egg rolls.

Whatever trends you choose to incorporate into your first meal as a married couple, make sure guests know to arrive hungry!