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Company Party Comeback

Sounds Unlimited is pulling for a company party comeback

Sounds Unlimited has been entertaining the Northland for over 30 years, and while you may know them from the most fun wedding reception you’ve ever attended, you may not know that DJing is just one of several services they offer.

Business owner Cory Bonneville is always on the lookout for ideas to bring his client’s events to the next level – and he’s got a few ready to book,  from his Duluth PhotoBooth and Vegas Nights Casino gaming to Silent Discos and Win it in a Minute games, that will make any event unforgettable.  In fact, that is their company mission – to personalize events and make unforgettable memories for your guests. 

While almost half of Sounds Unlimited’s events are weddings, they love the creativity that comes with events outside of the wedding industry – including private parties, and events for schools and companies.  “I’d like to see more companies return to doing corporate events and parties, they are a great way to encourage team building among employees and enhance the connection between employer and employee,” said Bonneville.

Connecting outside of the watercooler fortifies employee morale and increases employee retention.  It’s not surprising to find out that people want to work at a company that sees them as a whole person, not just an employee.   Bonneville’s Vegas Nights and Win it in a Minute events give everyone a chance to take off their tie or heels and be themselves.  “The games animate personalities,” shared Bonneville,  “and give everyone a chance to sit down and connect over something other than work.”

Cory’s team has done events for several well-known companies in the region including Enbridge, Essentia, Amsoil, Guardian Pest Solutions, and Charter Nex Films.

Sounds Unlimited will work with individuals and businesses of any size to plan a fun event that’s more than music.  Their Vegas Nights Casino games work on the big or small scale.  “We might be invited to a private residence to set up one table and deal for a poker night among friends, or we may set up several tables at a company retreat,” explained Bonneville, “other than DJing, Vegas Nights is our most popular type of event.”   

Sounds Unlimited Vegas Nights features Texas Hold’em and BlackJack.  Tables seat up to 8 people.  Cory recommends having enough tables for 40% of your guest list. 

Silent Discos offer a unique way to party that fits any audience.  This type of event features three DJs all playing different music at the same time.  The catch? The music is played into headphones.  Guests select which DJ they want to listen to right on their headphones and change DJs at any time.  The headphone lights indicate who they are listening too – encouraging friendly competition among the DJs to get more of the crowd listening to their tracks.

Win it in a Minute Events are a full production “show” that includes lights, sound, and a whole lot of laughs.  The game portion of the event is about an hour long.  Guests compete against the clock to get the best time in a variety of fun games like those seen on a TV show with a similar name.  “One of my favorites is our Ping Pong Basketball game, a team of two works to get as many baskets with ping pong balls as possible – but only one is shooting, the other has the hoop on their head,” explained Bonneville.  The audience loves seeing friends and co-workers get silly, and all that fun certainly makes for a memorable event.

Sound Unlimited’s Duluth PhotoBooth is the perfect add-on to any event from a DJ’ed gig to a casino night or Win it in a Minute party.  The photobooth is stocked with props and prints photos on-site giving guests a wonderful keepsake. 

If you’re looking to revive the company party for your business, plan on contacting Cory about three months in advance for the best choice of dates.  Visit the Sounds Unlimited website by www.soundsunlimited.com