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Weather & Your Event: Will it Rain or Will You Shine?

As Northlanders we all know that weather can create havoc with our regular daily activities, especially if we live close to Lake Superior. Here are just a few tips that will make things a little easier if you are dealing with less than ideal conditions on event day.

–         Make sure you have tent(s) or utilize a garage (if you have one). When ordering tents it’s always a good idea to spend the money to also get the sidewalls.

–         Place your tent in a strategic location. Preferably where it will have the most shelter from the wind and most exposure to the sun. (If you live next to the lake, an east wind on a sunny day won’t feel nearly as bad if you have some shelter from the wind and the sun is beating down on you).

–         Portable heaters and bonfires are also good to keep in mind if cold weather is in the forecast.

–         If you do end up in the garage or tent with sidewalls, make sure you have provided for adequate lighting.

–         If you are grilling or have a fire pit at your party make sure it is placed downwind so your tent doesn’t become a trap for smoke.

–         If you are going to allow the party to move into the house, make sure you put valuables that could easily be broken (or stolen) away for the day and designate your private areas of the house “off limits.”

–         Wood chips are a great item to have in the event your yard becomes a muddy mess. Bags of woodchips are inexpensive and are great for laying down over dirt/mud to create a walkway to the party if needed.

–         It’s not all about cold and rain! Do you have a mosquito issue? Bugs? Bees? Make sure you spray or even have some repellent available for guests.

–         Don’t forget plenty of water, ice and shade for the hot days!

Remember it’s always good to have contingency plans. Hope for the best weather, but plan for the worst.