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Rent Your Event from the Ground Up

A rental center can add more to your event than you may realize. The next time you’re planning something, think twice before purchasing expensive products that may only be used once. Rental centers have your common event needs, but they also supply tools, bubble machines, microphone stands, tents, tables, cotton candy machines, and dunk tanks – to name just a few. From graduation parties to garage sales to weddings, a rental store can give your event the lift it needs.

Courtesy of London Road Party Express
Courtesy of Derek Montgomery/derekmontgomery.com

Tables and chairs are the foundation for any event. “From that starting point, we will expand to whether you need a tent, china, linens, etc.,” said Zack Ludtke, General Manager of London Road Party Express. With over 2,500 chairs of different styles and over 300 tables, you wouldn’t think the rental center would have much room for anything else, but that is far from the truth. A rental center can outfit your party from the ground up, or you could use rented outdoor tools and equipment to completely revitalize a raw patch of land into a highly remarkable party location. With a magnitude of options, you have freedom to create a customized plan for your event.

Aside from tables and chairs, bounce houses and tents are the most popular items rented from London Road Rental. “We currently own twelve bounce houses/combo units and one obstacle course,” said Ludtke. According to Ludtke, they are constantly adding inventory throughout the year to fulfil the requests of customers. You may find yourself weary of renting items, but renting has its benefits. “By renting an item, you are saving money by not having to maintain and store the item,” Ludtke explained.

Planning an outdoor event is especially difficult since guaranteeing the weather is virtually impossible, but renting items that help cope with the weather can reduce massive amounts of stress and anxiety. Rental centers offer tents of all styles/sizes. These can be installed by either the customer or the rental center, but the decision of renting a tent shouldn’t be put off until the last minute. “One of the biggest hurdles to overcome on short notice is having enough time to have the public utilities located – that’s assuming we have a tent to offer” said Ludtke. Utility companies usually need at least two to three business days to prepare for an event. Keep in mind, even in the best of weather, tents provide protection from sun, wind and pests.

The idea of renting can create skeptical feelings in potential customers. Here are some topics that may be of concern, giving you an indication of what to expect.

If you are unsure about your specific setup, London Road Rental can use “Party Cad” to show you a virtual party layout of your tent or party! Most of the party items are weekend rentals or three days in length. Some items can be rented by the day including bounce houses and audio equipment. Equipment rentals range in lengths from every 2 hours, daily, weekly and in some cases, monthly. A 50% deposit to reserve items is the usual fee and this is typically non-refundable. “There are some extenuating circumstances though,” stated Ludtke, “if a family reserves a bounce house for their child’s birthday party and the weather is not cooperating, we will gladly work with them to reschedule.”

In the event that an accident does occur and an item is lost, the customer can receive a few extra days to locate the item. If the item isn’t found or an item becomes damaged, a replacement fee will be charged to purchase a new item. This is a risk you take, but many of the incidents can be prevented. Assess in advance where accidents could occur during your event and don’t hesitate to set a few reasonable restrictions. For additional reassurance you should contact your insurance company about possible options for your rentals.

If you decide to commit to a rental store, their services do not necessarily stop at supplying items. Rental stores want to ensure that the customer’s event goes smoothly. “We try our best to work out any issues our customer’s encounter on the day of their event,” reassured Ludtke. Every store is different but don’t hesitate to ask about full event amenities. “We can be involved as much or as little as the customer wants/needs in their particular event,” said Ludtke. There are a lot of variables when planning an event and a little assistance can give you a tremendous boost. “Our job is not to over-sell, but to make sure the customers have everything covered for their event on their special day,” said Ludtke. To help individuals with busy lifestyles, most rental centers have detailed websites listing products, services, pictures, and prices. Taking a quick search will help you gauge the extent of your needs and give you a general idea for budgeting purposes.

There you have it folks. Insight into available resources is always beneficial, and next time you host, plan, or create an event consider all your options and don’t forget what is available, right at your fingertips.