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Music & Entertainment: Create the Experience

Whether you are planning a backyard family event, company party, block party or dinner/dance, music and entertainment can set the tone.

MUSIC for Background

Setting the tone with music can add that special touch to your party. Music can be an expression of who you are and by playing the appropriate background music you can create a mood, adding a nice touch to your party. “Dead Air” can make people uncomfortable as it’s so quiet it creates a feeling of awkwardness, but having some nice background music solves that. For different events and moods there is a song to fit every moment. Backyard party and BBQ? Some nice country music in the background. Summer Beach Party? A little reggae/island music will sweep your attendees right into the scene. You can use music to help you with your party’s theme regardless of what it is. Be creative but remember, extremes will backfire. Keep it relatively tame and not too loud-it’s background music.

Also, the keys that songs are in can play into the mood. If you are curious about this topic we will be posting more information on musical keys and moods on our website which you’ll find to be quite fascinating.

MUSIC out Front

Music can be used as a feature attraction at an event or it can be the very reason to have an event! A well-known live performer that plays music complimenting the theme of your party can make your event a “can’t miss it” social gathering. Benefits and fundraisers often utilize well known entertainers to help draw attendees. In today’s world, “living room concerts” with acoustic artists are becoming a popular attraction. Regardless of what kind of event you are planning, music can add the right touch OR hold the key to whether your event is a success or failure.

A mobile DJ can be great for class reunions, weddings, and events that have a wide variety of ages in attendance. A top shelf DJ can read an audience therefore keeping things fun and the dance floor filled. Good DJ’s can also act as emcees if your party requires one. They can host games and contests as well as provide a wide variety of music. When it comes to choosing entertainment, it can be extremely easy to make the mistake of picking something without considering the entire picture. It’s your event and you should have whatever you want, BUT you should consider your guests as they might not have similar music tastes.

When it comes to music, talk to friends, your banquet coordinator and other experts to get suggestions and references. Remember, if you are booking a DJ make sure the disc jockey you ask for, and are promised, is who you are actually getting to do your event. Bands are a little more “what you see is what you get.” If you decide to book a live band make sure you check out a live performance and make sure it’s right for you.

Once you’ve decided to book, make sure everything is documented on a contract that states exactly what you have agreed to before making any deposits.


You have great food, beverages, nice decorations and interesting guests, but having activities at your party to give people something else to do can help make the difference between a boring party and a memorable event. Yard games are always good for backyard parties as it gives the kids something to do and adults will join in as well. Having a walk around magician can bring things up a notch and most magicians can adapt their presentation to appeal to all ages. Clowns are also an option for the kids as they’ll make balloon animals and entertain with some magic (beware of this however as some people are afraid of clowns). Other ideas that are very popular include: photo booths, hypnotists, face painting, slide shows and fortune tellers.


When planning a bigger event involving a social hour, dinner and dance you might consider employing an “all of the above” strategy. Background music with interactive entertainment followed by a band or DJ will make for an outstanding event!